Facial Pain Awareness Month is the month of October, during which the entire facial pain community participates in awareness raising activities.

The Facial Pain Community, online and elsewhere, is comprised of many people with a wide range of diagnoses. The best known facial pain conditions are:

Throughout the month of October, people with the diagnoses above, their friends, and their families can promote awareness of the entire constellation of facial pain conditions, with special emphasis on whichever condition has changed their lives.

On this website, you will find the tips and resources you need to get your own Facial Pain Awareness Month off to a good start and on to raising awareness everywhere! 

There will be plenty of opportunities for volunteering your energy or ideas, so check back often!

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The National Day Calendar

What It Is

The National Day Calendar is the authoritative source for those fun, unusual and unique National Days. 

How It Helps Us

Having our own official observation will have a dramatic impact on facial pain awareness.  Many newspaper and television news stories are run every day locally and nationally media to highlight official days!

What We Get

  • Inclusion on the annual National Calendar
  • Inclusion on all of their social media channels
  • Inclusion on the annual printed version of the National Day Wall Calendar
  • A  Media Proclamation
  • Delivery of the proclamation to over 20,000 media sources that follow National Day Calendar. This informs the media and allows them to prepare stories, prep for coverage, etc.
  • A 20″x 30″ framed proclamation 
  • Inclusion on the National Day Calendar Daily Radio Update 
  • A Twitter Party with prizesto drive additional social media attention.  
  • 500,000 views of our Banner Ad on National Day Calendar (a $2,500 value)!

How We Get There

With everyone's help and participation!

We need to raise $3,000 to cover the one time fee for inclusion on the National Calendar.

You can help us reach that goal in a couple of ways:

Help Put Facial Pain Awareness Month on the National Day calendar!


All contributions will be used to secure Facial Pain Awareness Month on the National Day Calendar and to cover any other costs to promote Facial Pain Awareness Month.

We pledge that our financial information will always be open to public scrutiny upon request. Not a penny of donations collected will be used for payroll or overhead because … we have none! 

The staff at Facial Pain Awareness Month, just like the staff at the Facial Pain Advocacy Alliance is comprised of 100% volunteers who are all facial pain patients.

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Awareness Matters!

Raising the public profile of a medical condition helps in many ways. 

  1. When people know about the different chronic facial pain conditions, they get diagnosed earlier which leads to earlier intervention and better outcomes.
  2. When more physicians are aware of the many chronic facial pain conditions, misdiagnosis can be reduced which also leads to better outcomes.
  3. When people are aware of what their friends and family with chronic facial pain endure, there is more understanding, compassion, and generosity shown to the facial pain community -
    a better outcome for all!

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